UFO Sightings are Up in Chile, Down in the U.S.

Why Patagonia? Possibly because aliens are already there. In an interviewin 2017 with TiempoSur, Patricio Frias. Regional Ufologo and director of the UFO organization Noise Patagonia, says the abundance of minerals and fresh water in Patagonia may have already attracted tall, intelligent extraterrestrials:

“Patagonia is visited by intelligence that we can not understand. They told me in that place that there is the phenomenon that occurs there, with a lot of energy. I have been reported presence of humanoid species in that place. A person from birth came scared in his truck. He told us that he had seen on the road, that people were walking with bright helmets and a light on their foreheads. They approached these people and realized that it was something out of the ordinary. The height of the beings was more than two and a half meters.”

Wait a minute. Doesn’t the U.S. have plenty of clean water (OK, water) and minerals? Yes, but multiple UFO tracking and recording organizations report that the number of sightings has been on the decline. In an interview with Gizmodo, MUFON statistician David C. Kort pinpoints when it started.

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