Transform Your Landscape Photos with Dramatic Weather Photography

As you may know if you’ve attempted landscape photography, not every image you capture is attractive and soul-stirring; even photographs of genuinely beautiful landscapes can end up dull and less than impressive if you can’t find the interest in the scene. The problem may be not lie with the place or even your technique. Sometimes it’s the fault of boring or overly common shooting conditions. This article proposes a remedy: try some dramatic weather photography. Get out under some dark, cloudy skies, brave the wind and rain, and shoot on the days when you’d normally stay in.

Weather can play a key role in adding depth and interest to a photograph. It can transform your images into more than just pictures of a pretty place—it imbues the place with a sense of drama, a feeling of action, the idea that nature itself is making something happen in the place you’re shooting.

Oftentimes, when conditions become ‘less than optimal’, glorious photographs can be made.

Dramatic weather photography can truly add some spice to your creative stew. Read on for some examples of exactly what we mean.

How to Highlight Dramatic Weather

Dramatic weather doesn’t always mean extreme weather (although that is certainly dramatic!)

No, we’re just talking about weather conditions that vary from the bright, clear, and mild days that you probably wait for when you want to take landscapes.

Conditions like these enable you to add more contextual information and interest to the frame by incorporating elements of the weather into your photos.

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