The Best Places to Travel in September

summer comes to an end in this transitional month, but it doesn’t have to mean farewell to your travels. Some of the best places to travel are more inviting than ever in September. Crowds are fewer, temperatures are milder, and a chill in the evenings makes it so cozy to put on a sweater or sit by a fire.

European cities host plenty of September festivals, including Oktoberfest. Tropical destinations are still beautiful to visit in the fall, especially Hawaii, where chefs gather to create some fabulous meals.

Wine lovers claim the harvest as their favorite time of year, and other cities strive to attract us with new places to see or just quiet spots to relax and look back at summer and forward to autumn. Familiar cities are adding something new to bring us back or encourage to visit our favorite haunts from previous travels.

Check your calendar, make some plans, and look over our list for your September trip — even if it’s just a long weekend.

Zurich, Switzerland

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