Answering your phone with your ski glove. Controlling your boot temperature via an app. A boot liner that constantly conforms its shape to your foot. These are the ski technologies of the future – and they’re here this season.

The dawn of a new ski season means the release of all the latest and greatest ski tech, and this year there is no shortage of fancy new features that any techie will want to check out. Everything from skis to apparel this year have been outfitted with tech that enhances performance, comfort and protection (and sometimes all three of those things).

Brand by brand, here’s a breakdown of our favorite new tech for this season.


GORE-TEX fabrics have been around for a few years now, but Spyder has seen enough to make the decision to convert all of their men’s and women’s jackets and pants to GORE-TEX. Simply put, no other fabric has proven better at protecting from rain, snow, and wind. This ultra-breathable solution to inclement weather is perfect for winter sports of all kinds and at all levels of extremity.

GORE-TEX  is so trustworthy, it’s tagline is even “Guaranteed to keep you dry”. The use of GORE-TEX in all of their jackets and pants means even the lowest-cost ski apparel options in Spyder’s 2019 line now come with world-class protection from the elements.

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