The Best (And Worst) Changes ‘The Death of Superman’ Made From the Comics

This one is a bit on the controversial side. There are some good and bad elements that come out of it, so we will balance it by looking at each in their turn.

In the original comics, the Justice League of “The Death of Superman” was a hodgepodge group, mostly leftovers from Keith Giffen and J.M. DeMatteis’s long runs on Justice League International, Justice League Europe, and Justice League America. Writer/artist Dan Jurgens, who at the time was also writing and drawing Superman, had only been on the book for about a year when it came time to thread the “Doomsday!” and “Funeral For a Friend” storylines through Justice League America #69 and #70.

Jurgens used the opportunity to clean house, taking B- and C-list characters like Maxima, Bloodwynd, Fire, Ice, Blue Beetle, and Booster Gold out of action in the course of the fight — and not putting all of them back on their feet.

For many fans, the question of where Batman, or Green Lantern, or whomever, was during the hours of the Doomsday attack was one that nagged at them — and using the Big Seven Justice League resolves that question.

For those “in the know,” the way certain characters are presented also provides the fun of seeing the original story through the lens of the modern interpretation. Nathan Fillion is perfectly cast for a Hal that is a little cocky and even smarmy at times, a little too sure of himself, and thus able to stand in for Guy Gardner. Rosario Dawson as Wonder Woman is not only inspired casting on its face, but gives her warrior spirit a hard edge that eases the transition from the antihero Maxima.



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