The 10 Greatest Hits of Brian Michael Bendis’ Time at Marvel

The culmination of Alias delivers one of the darkest stories in modern comics. After 21 issues, Bendis and Jessica Jones co-creator Michael Gaydos finally revealed why their hero stopped putting on a costume. It’s a tragic story that sets up a showdown with Purple Man that made him one of the most chilling villains at Marvel’s and provided Jessica with one of her greatest moments.


Bendis Best Marvel Comics - Prowler

There’s not a single low note in Bendis’ run with Mile Morales, but the second big story featuring the new Spider-Man showcased what made him unique. Bendis recast the role of the Ultimate Prowler with Miles’ uncle, and permanently shifted the character’s focus to themes of family and loyalty. It’s a challenging adventure for Miles, but one that enshrined his status as a hero in the mighty Marvel tradition.

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