The 10 Greatest Hits of Brian Michael Bendis’ Time at Marvel

Brian Michael Bendis officially ends his 15-plus year tenure at Marvel Comics this week with the publication of Invincible Iron Man #600. The issue brings his impressive Iron Man saga, which introduced Riri Williams and reimagined Doctor Doom, to a close along with his even more impressive catalog of Marvel superhero comics. Looking back across Bendis’ career so far, there’s an incredible array of new characters, redefined legends, and epic crossovers. Quite frankly, it’s difficult to know where to even start when showing off how much Bendis has accomplished at Marvel Comics.

That’s what we’re here to do though. We have assembled a list of Bendis’ greatest hits from his time at the publisher, ranging from the grittiest street stories to the biggest summer events. If you’re looking to find out what made Bendis a force to be reckoned with for so long, these 10 classic Marvel stories make the case.


Bendis Best Marvel Comics - Power and Responsibility

This isn’t just the best place to start with Brian Michael Bendis comics; it’s a perfect introduction to Marvel Comics as a whole. From the entire Ultimate line, no series reimagined its hero with more clarity or better stylistic updates than Ultimate Spider-Man. These early issues provide the essential teenage superhero narrative with all of the angst, action, and comedy that readers could hope for. Everything that follows is great as well, but this is a perfect beginning.

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