The 10 Best Superhero Marriages Ever

This week Chris Claremont returns to write X-Men Wedding Special as a companion piece for the long-awaited nuptials of two fan-favorite X-Men. After many years of an on again, off again romance filled with hiatuses due to death, intangibility, and space, Kitty Pryde and Piotr Rasputin will finally tie the knot next month in X-Men Gold #30. While history and the very nature of superhero comics make the odds of this marriage lasting extremely low, it will be very nice to see a moment of happiness for them and all of their teammates.

If Kitty and Piotr want to make it last (at least for more than a few years), they need to look at some of the more successful superhero romances around. We’ve assembled a list of 10 best superhero marriages so far. These are the marriages that made for great comics, really celebrated the love of two heroic individuals, and managed to last longer than average. While not all of them have lasted (due to death, multiversal crisis, or other superhero shenanigans), they are still the best examples of weddings in superhero comics.


Best Superhero Weddings - Mister Fantastic Invisible Woman

This is the original gold standard for superhero marriages. Reed and Sue Richards are the first couple of Marvel Comics and have stood the test of time better than any other pairing there or anywhere else in superhero comics. Not only is their marriage the bedrock for the Fantastic Four, but it is one of the best superhero annuals ever printed. These nuptials celebrated all of Marvel Comics and still feel special today. Like we said, gold standard.

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