Tesla Autopilot: Everything you need to know 2018

One day we will look back on Tesla Autopilot as one of the great inventions in history. This is science fiction made real: the car taking the strain and saving lives while you kick back and relax.

Elon Musk’s men have essentially changed the car forever and they’re not even close to finished.

This relatively small start-up from Palo Alto has forced the established masters of the automotive industry to respond to its technical innovation. So, self-driving technology at Tesla could be even more profound than the battery-powered cars themselves in the final reckoning.

That’s because Autopilot was more than the first driving assist system. It is also the blueprint for every car of the future.

Thanks to Tesla’s hard work in the face of a barrage of criticism, self-driving cars are a step closer to reality. The major manufacturers simply had no choice. They had to respond to Autopilot and fast-track the whole autonomous car movement.

Without Tesla leading the way, we could have taken another decade to get to this point. We simply cannot overstate the point: Tesla forced the whole industry to respond and change.

So, now the competition is just round the corner, how advanced is Autopilot and where does it go from here?

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