Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna really got us thinking about how important “love languages” are in a relationship

Getting your partner a gift, of any shape, size or price proves that you stopped for a minute and thought about what they might want and then followed through and got them something to improve their day. If your spouse isn’t a big “gift giver” and you love buying things for them, then you speak different love languages. The good news is, this one is the easiest to learn, because it just takes time to realize even if you don’t think your gift is what someone would want you did think of them, so it’s a step in the right direction.

Quality Time

This one is easy to understand but harder to make work in every day life. You have to actually give your undivided attention to someone who craves quality time. Not sitting together and watching Netflix, although that is a good alternative to some couples who are always on the go. Instead, this language focuses on spending real time with your partner and just them. No distractions.

 Physical Touch

Physical touch has always been a big part of a relationship and communicating the emotional love we strive for. For some people however, not having the hand holding, kissing and hugging, as well as the intimacy of sex, makes them feel unloved. To fix this, sitting close to your partner or putting your arm around them as you walk out of a restaurant will reassure them that you do love them.

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