Paranormal Investigator Charged with Firing Gun at a Ghost

Calling Rodney Dangerfield! It’s stories like this one that cause paranormal investigators, ghost hunters and others in the spirit field to get no respect … no respect at all. Police in Connecticut arrested a man who had an outstanding warrant concerning suspicious circumstances surrounding a report of gunshots being fired in a home in Tolland. When confronted with the reason for the warrant – that his story didn’t match up to the evidence found by police investigators – the man claimed he was a paranormal investigator and had actually been shooting at a ghost! Is that possible? Is it legal?

The story of the arrest of alleged ghost-shooting paranormal investigator Christian J. Devaux goes back to 2011 when police records show he made his first home invasion emergency call after claiming he heard a loud bang and saw a stranger in his home. The police found no evidence to support the call. Fast forward to July 26, 2018. According to the local Journal Inquirer, the same Christian J. Devaux made a similar 911 call reporting a stranger in his home. This time, the operator was on the line when Devaux fired two shots at the alleged intruder.

The police arrived but found no evidence of a break-in and their dogs found no scent of an intruder. Devaux claimed he shot over the intruder’s head – which would make him extremely short since the bullet holes in the wall were a little over two feet off the ground. But that’s not the weird part. When confronted with this evidence, Devaux changed his story and said the intruder could have been a ghost, possibly haunting him because he’s a paranormal investigator. It appears the troopers left at that point, but later determined that Devaux was lying somewhere in that story and issued a warrant, which was discovered when he was stopped in nearby Vernon for a traffic violation.

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