NASA Hunts for Mysterious Meteorite in the Pacific

Sample meteorite fragments

So the answer is … yes and no. Yes, the fragments are definitely from a meteorite, and no, they don’t know if they’re from THE meteorite they were searching for. While Dr. Fries continues to sift sand, no one seems to be addressing the original question … why is NASA so interested in this particular meteorite?

Actually, NASA is taking a sudden interest in meteorites in general. It could be due to criticism of its early warning system which doesn’t seem to be giving much warning of recent really big asteroids which fortunately missed the Earth. NASA researchers were also in Botswana last week where they recovered a piece of asteroid 2018 LA, an asteroid that was actually detected by the NASA-funded Catalina Sky Survey at the University of Arizona eight whole hours before it pierced the Earth’s atmosphere, making it just the third one to be identified before impact.

Is that a good enough record to continue to justify the existence of asteroid warning systems?

Or is NASA using these meteorite-recovery exercises as a cover-up for something else? Are they really meteorites? Is NASA tracking something else? Whatever it is, is an eight-hour warning long enough to bend completely around and kiss your butt goodbye?

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