Mercedes-AMG Project One: Formula One for the road 2018

The Mercedes-AMG Project One puts the “hyper” into “hypercar.” In fact, this beast practically deserves a class of its own, a notch above the current crop of hypercars. It’s just that impressive.

Formula One technology: Introduced at the 2018 Frankfurt Auto Show, Project One is about as close as you can get to driving a Formula One car without changing your career. It’s also street-legal, though at its top speed of 350 kilometers/hour, you might run out of street pretty quickly.

Mercedes-AMG crammed as much Formula One technology as it could into this monster of a car. The engine, the electric motors, the batteries, even the cockpit, are all taken from Formula One cars, or at least heavily inspired by them.

Smooth criminal: On the outside, Project One features a curvy carbon-fiber body with a multitude of air vents and intakes, that channel air to the engine and batteries. There’s a striking inlet on the roof that morphs into a shark fin, for stability control in turns.

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