Can Reading A Book Open A Paranormal Door?

That may sound like a strange title for an article. A very strange title, even. Is it possible that reading about the world of the paranormal can somehow expose a person to it? To many, it might sound like the stuff of fantasy. It may not be, though. There are more than a few cases on record where people have delved deep into a book on the domain of the supernatural, only to open a door to, well, something. David Weatherly shared a couple of examples with me – for publication – when I was working on my 2016 book, Men in Black. One such story came from a woman named Jane. She emailed David the following:

“Every time I start reading your book, The Black Eyed Children, electronics in my house go wonky. The first night the smoke alarm went off even though there was no smoke.  The second evening the timer on my stove went crazy. I never set it and never use it so that was weird; I didn’t even know what it was at first.  Then another time my garage door opened itself!  That one really freaked me out! Are other people having such weird things happen or is this some strange coincidence?  I’m interested in the topic but I honestly don’t want any black eyed kids showing up at my door!”

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