Burning Books And The Paranormal

In my recent article “Can Reading A Book Open A Paranormal Door?” I demonstrated that just reading a book on the world of the supernatural may cause strange phenomena to manifest. As a follow-on, I’ll share with you how some people have responded to such paranormal phenomena. It’s by burning the offending book. Thankfully, not quite Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451, but you get the picture, right? In 1962, author-publisher Gray Barker released a now-largely-forgotten publication titled Bender Mystery Confirmed. It was a self-published follow-up to Bender’s Flying Saucers and the Three Men, which was also released in 1962. Basically, Bender Mystery Confirmed was a collection of letters sent to Barker by readers of Flying Saucers and the Three Men. Barker then put all of those many letters into book form. One of those whose letters were published in Bender Mystery Confirmed was the late Trevor James Cstable, the author of They Live in the Sky.  Constable wrote to Barker:on

QUOTE: “Dear Gray, It is difficult indeed for me, as an occultist with some firsthand experience of this field of UFOs, to sort out Bender’s journeys back and forth across the threshold line between the physical and the astral. A biometric examination of Al Bender would probably indicate similar things to what it revealed about certain other researchers – total inability to distinguish between events on two planes of reality.

“Bender’s honesty I do not for a moment doubt. His discrimination I would deem non-existent. It seems almost incredible that the man could relate the full story of the construction of his chamber of horrors in the attic in the way Bender has. This is what convinces me of his honesty. Nothing could be more logical, in an occult way, than that the invisible entities he invited by the preparation of this locale, should indeed manifest to him, and thereafter proceed to obsess him for a protracted period, using hypnotic techniques that brought the man completely under their control.

“As to the nature of the entities involved, it seems that my writings about the ‘imperceptible physical’ as source of many space ships, or so-called space ships, are only too close to the truth. Indeed, if Bender’s experience has any value, I’d like to suggest that it certainly illuminates a re-reading of They Live in the Sky. I don’t believe I know of any case quite like Bender’s, where a man seemingly oblivious to the reality and laws of the occult, brought upon himself the energetic attention of aggressive occult forces. Certainly, the man can thank some kind of Divine intervention for the preservation of his sanity – if everything he writes is true.

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