An Alien Shot Dead On A Military Base?

Stringfield dug deep into the story, checking things out for himself and enlisting the help of the late UFO investigator, Richard Hall. Stringfield was able to chat with “Morse” on the phone just a few weeks before Christmas 1983. Hall met with “Morse,” in January 1985, in Washington, D.C. Hall told Stringfield shortly afterwards that he, Hall, “…detected nothing in his manner, or story, to cause skepticism.” In addition, “Morse” provided a military document (DD Form 1569) that detailed the shooting of the alien. Unfortunately, the document was a photocopy – which made it worthless, since anyone could have concocted it. It would have been far more impressive had it been an original.

There is very little doubt that this case is bogus, even though there is a degree of data suggesting “Morse” really was employed at McGuire AFB. Indeed, he provided a name of one person connected to the base – and allegedly connected to the affair, too – at the time of the alleged incident, and which did prove to be accurate. But, I’m still not impressed.

I refer you to a lengthy report prepared by NIDS, the National Institute of Discovery Science. Its title: “Preliminary Investigation Into The Alleged Shooting Of A Non-Human Entity At Ft. Dix/McGuire Air Force Base On January 18, 1978.” The report states (after a great deal of in-depth digging was over): “NIDS’ working hypothesis (which is subject to change based on further emerging evidence) is that the 1978 McGuire AFB incident did not happen. Further, the putative fabrication of the DD form 1569 suggests that the Fort Dix/McGuire incident may be a hoax.”

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