A Simple Guide to Jinxworld

Torso takes Bendis out of his wheelhouse in two important ways. First, it jumps back in time to the 1930s focusing on a serial killer whose crimes literally wash up in the wake of prohibition. Second, Bendis is no longer the artist of his own work. The result is something that is startling in more than one way and begins to reveal Bendis’ adaptability as a writer. For fans of the The Untouchables, this story featuring Eliot Ness is a must read.


Jinxworld Guide - Powers

This collaboration between Oeming and Bendis has been a defining story in both of their careers: a police procedural set in a world filled with as many superheroes as Marvel or DC Comics have to offer. It has gone through multiple volumes and restarts, in addition to a TV series, but the heart of Powers has always been two cops solving crimes with capes and it is an unbeatable concept. After some significant delays the series will now be published in complete collections, which should have fans very excited.

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