A Simple Guide to Jinxworld

In addition to taking the reins on both Superman and Action Comics, Brian Michael Bendis’ leap to DC Comics also promised a rebirth for his creator-owned work. The prolific writer found his big break in comics from his indie creations he wrote and drew in the mid-’90s that garnered recognition at the Eisner Awards. It was from these early works that his reputation as a crime writer and multi-talented comics creator developed into the brand now known as Jinxworld.

Over the past couple of months, that label has seen multiple series penned by Bendis, some continuing prior stories and others brand-new, relaunched under the banner of DC Comics. The publisher has also released several of his completed works again, making it easy for fans to check out something new or catch up on the complete Jinxworld bibliography. It can be difficult to discern where one should start though, especially with so much to read in so many different artistic and genre styles. That’s why we’ve compiled a brief guide for anyone interested in reading more of Bendis’ work under the Jinxworld label. These are the 10 comics that illustrate the diversity of Bendis’ work outside of mainstream superhero comics, a collection bound to have something for every stripe of comic book reader.


Jinxworld Guide - Goldfish

This gritty crime story of a grifter returning to his hometown with one task on his mind only to discover how much things have changed is some of the best noir comics to come out of the 1990s. Bendis’ style as a cartoonist is drenched in ink and his love for the crime genre shines through in everything from the plotting to the dialogue. It’s a great bit of storytelling that sets up a long and successful career — for the creator, if not the characters.

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