A Dark and Stormy Night: Does Weather Affect the Paranormal?

It was a dark and stormy night…. There is perhaps no introduction to a horror story as clichéd as this line, and with horror films there is also quite often bad weather involved as well, with thunder and lightning, darkness and rain. While this may be just for dramatic effect, there are enough instances of ghosts appearing during storms that one may begin to wonder if there is anything to it at all, whether there perhaps really is a connection between the ghostly phenomena and weather. In fact, it seems that there very well could be some influence on the paranormal from certain weather conditions, and this has actually become an area of serious study for some ghost researchers in recent years.

The idea is not entirely far-fetched. After all, if ghosts, spirits, and other such entities do exist, then they must use some form of energy to do so or to manifest, for example, it is thought that ghosts sometimes utilize the ambient heat in a room for energy to manifest, leading to cold spots as this energy is abruptly absorbed. If they do need to suckle off of some sort of energy or “charge,” then this could theoretically be prone to fluctuations depending on certain atmospheric phenomena. There are various types of atmospheric activity that could possibly affect the paranormal activity of a location, with the most common image of this being thunderstorms, so how would these storms be able to exert an influence on supernatural entities? There are actually several factors with thunderstorms that have been theorized to enhance or intensify activity.

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