6 things that change when you figure out what your “love language” is

When you learn your love language, you’ll become more aware of what you want and need from your relationships. If your love language is “receiving gifts,” you probably won’t want to date someone who’s a die-hard minimalist. There’s no need to waste your time and risk not having your needs met if your potential partner has made it clear that he or she has no intention of attempting to learn your language. Don’t worry, your “just because” cards and flowers are out there.

You gain a better understanding of past relationships.

Finding out your love language can be an eye opening moment. This new information may provide more clarity as to why some of your previous relationships didn’t last. If your primary relationship language was revealed to be “words of affirmation,” and you’ve mostly dated partners who had difficulty expressing emotions and reassuring you verbally, that’s your reason right there.

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