5 signs someone is a “dating choreographer,” as in they’ve definitely done these moves before

2Everything seems a little too perfect.

A dating choreographer is also likely the person who does super sweet things for you, which is how they suck you in. A little gift on the second date, maybe a romantic dinner at home right around the time you start thinking about sleeping with them… Whatever it is, if all of your dates resemble the end of a rom-com, it’s possibly because they designed it that way.

3They don’t even look at menus.

We all have our fave restaurants and foods, so this can be tricky to spot. A dating choreographer will bring you to places they know are good “date spots,” meaning they go back to the same restaurants and bars all the time. Most dating choreographers are also often cheapskates (because they see this whole thing as a transaction), so if all of your hangouts are for 2-for-1 drinks or dinner special, beware.

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