10 Post-Processing Landscape Photography Tips

The settings I used:

dehaze filter

The other usage is to increase the haze by shifting the slider to the left. I recommend dehazing locally using a radial filter to add some haze in the distance, hence creating an aerial perspective.

You can also make a global dehaze adjustment. This adds an airy feel to the photo. But in this case, you need to increase the contrast a bit to compensate.

dehaze filter decrease after

Make The Colours Stand Out

There are a few ways to improve the colours of the landscape photography. First of all, during the raw conversion, navigate to the HSL tab, and the Hue section.

This section allows you to change the hues of the colours in your photo. For instance, you may want to shift Green towards Cyan to make it look emerald instead of yellowish.

Or you may want to move the Yellow slider to the left to make it more orange and separate from the rest of the photo.

For a sunrise or a sunset, I usually shift yellow to the left and maybe move orange to the left too – to make it redder.

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