10 Best Beach Vacations for People Who Love Cats

Aoshima and Tashirojima, Japan

You might consider your own cat your lucky charm, but in Japan, all cats are revered as symbols of good fortune. Perhaps that’s why the very best real estate—Japan’s picturesque, remote islands—is crawling with kitties. On the islands of Aoshima and Tashirojima, among others, cats outnumber humans as much as six to one. Ferries run daily to these popular feline-filled islands, making trips for kitten snuggles fairly simple. Can’t pull yourself away from the cuteness? Tashirojima offers cat-shaped guest houses for overnight stays

Amsterdam, Netherlands

While not oceanside, Amsterdam is a cat lover’s paradise. The city is home to the world’s only floating cat sanctuary, The Poezenboot, or “Catboat,” which sits on the picturesque Singel Canal. The sanctuary started in the ‘60s, when a cat caretaker living alongside the canal pondered the question, “If people could live on houseboats…why not cats?” (Aversion to water aside, of course.) The non-profit is open to the public with free entry, though donations are encouraged. Outside of the Catboat, true feline fanatics will also want to pay a visit to the Katten Kabinet, a cat-themed art museum. And cat video enthusiasts (read: everyone) can plan their Netherlands visit around Cinemeow, Europe’s first cat-themed film festival which takes place in and around Amsterdam.

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